X-24 Proton Grenade Launcher
Production information

Templar Technical Institute



  • Heavy Weapon
  • Personal Artillery
  • Explosive
  • Multi-Purpose


Technical specifications
  • 812 mm (32 in)

375 m (400 yd)


Templars of Twilight



The X-24 Proton Grenade Launcher was a heavy demolitions weapon produced by the Templars in small numbers. It featured a side-mounting 24 round revolving magazine. The magazine held the round and casing of, normally, a 40mm High Explosive Proton Shell, and as the shells fired a spring system would push the rounds along in sequence till all the rounds discharged. The Shells in question where essentially very scaled down Proton Torpedoes without advanced targeting systems.

Proton Round

The shell housed a 1 kilogram proton charge, capable of doing massive damage to a 10-20m area. Though not as advanced as the larger scale torpedoes it did have limited target acquisition abilities and could alter course on a limited scale to assure that it detonated on target.

Air Burst

Simply put an air burst occurs whenever an explosive device such as an anti-personnel artillery shell or a nuclear weapon is detonated in the air instead of on contact with the ground or target or a delayed armor piercing explosion. Aerial bursts may also arise from the explosion, above the ground, of incoming meteoroids.The principal military advantage of an air burst over a ground burst is that the energy from the explosion (as well as any shrapnel) is distributed more evenly over a wider area, however the peak energy is lower. The X-24 air burst rounds can cause damage up to 20 meters away.


The 40mm CryoBan round is basicly a 40mm variant of the WW-41 Grenade by Merr-Sonn. Its primarily used as a Fire Suppressant but in dire cases it can be used as a weapon.


The 40mm Plasma Grenade is a 40mm version of the Plasma Grenade, it is used as a demolition weapon and on some occasions, though very rare, to clear out foliage on planets the Templars are building outposts on.

Chemical gas

The 40mm Chemical Gas Grenade on impact releases a could of knockout gas. Its effective against most forms of life as its derived from the liquid form of Th'ksa crystals, the gas, like its liquid and crystal counterparts was bright luminescent green. The Knockout effect lasted anywhere from 20 minutes to two days depending on the individuals metabolism

HUNTER round

Hunter, standing for High altitude Unit Navigated Tactical imagE Round, is a 40mm round that is launched into the air, after reaching a hight of around 250-300m it deploys a small short life droid with a repulsor system and observation equipment. The Droid broadcasts its images and scans to the HUD of the user of the round and others with access to the network. It is used to spy over obstacles and get real time images from the sky rapidly without the use of a STARS or recon flight.