Vincent Mikaru XIII
Vincent XIII
Biographical Information
Homeworld Zonama Sekot
Date of Birth 424ABY
Date of Death
Physical Description
Species Echani Hybrid
Gender Male
Height 6'
Hair color White
Eye color Blue
Cybernetics *Cybernetic Implant Comlink
Personal information
Allies Templars of Twilight
Lightsaber color(s) Vincent Mikaru's Lightsabers
Fighting style(s) *Kekkei'genkai
Chronological and political information
Position Held
   * Gin Shishou
   * Seigi
Era(s) Legacy Era
Affiliation Templars of Twilight
Known masters Glarius Vin'Tores
Known apprentices

Basic Background

Vincent is the Decedent and namesake of the Original Vincent Mikaru of the Sith-Imperial War. Much like his ancestor Vincent believes in the Balance of all things, but he believes that to hold true to the balance more subtle approaches must be taken when its available.

Vincent was born in the temple, and raised by the Templars there. He was trained the same way his ancestor was, in combat, and ship skills. Like his forefather he has a knack for mechanical things, and ship design. Like his ancestor he grew through the ranks quickly, showing wisdom and restraint.

He is, in most cases Leonias' conscience, thinking things through for him and keeping him from going over the edge. This is how he managed to attain the position of Seigi. By being the conscience of their leader and making sure that justice was dealt with in a just way. Not with anger and vengeance.