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Twilight Technical Institute
Structural information



Hundreds of different sized structures

Academic information
Current Administrator

Remsian Republic Military Research and Development Division

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Chronological and political information

Remsian Republic


7 aby (as the Remsian Mission)

  • Finished 80bby (as Remsian Mission District)
    • 130aby (as the Twilight Technical Institute)

Remsian Republic



A City in its own right, the Twilight Technical Institute, devoted more towards the Technology of preserving balance than the act itself. The institute houses several hangers where ships, tanks, and other devices are built and repaired, a central archive that houses dozens of technical manuals, schematics and even a backup copy of the Orders History.

Admission to the institute is open to all members of the Remsian Republic, but a good deal of it was off limits, and had strict rules much like the Temple of Twilight. There were rumors of a section of the institute being off limits to all but the most senior members of the Republic. Rumors circulate that say its everything from a lab where they conduct secret research, to a top secret bunker where last reserves for defense, and the true secrets of the Templars were stored, but there was no basis of this in fact. People can visit the Hall of Technology that houses holographic readouts of all the Institutes technical advancements.

The Institute branched out into dozens of other structures, residential facilities, recreational facilities, Commercial and industrial facilities. The entire institute acts as a city, with its own power and financial infrastructure, people live and work within the boundaries of the city of itself.

Historical Timeline

  • 6aby - An agreement between the Therali and the Remsian Republic is made about the establishment of a permanent Templar presence on Anothelis
    • Plans are drawn up within 6 months for the central spire structure.
  • 7aby - The initial foundation of the structure is built in the center of an 'inland archipelago' a large plain and wooded area surrounded by a near circular mountain range.
  • 8aby - Basic skeletal frame of the building is finished. at its widest floor it would have 8,000 square feet and would be 2,684 tall or 268 storeys.
  • 15aby - Initial construction is completed and internal construction begins.
  • 16aby - Internal Construction and decoration is completed the building rises high above most of the mountains and gives a view to the horizon.
    • the building has roughly 131,516,000,000ft3 in space.
  • 17aby - The Remsians and the Therali christen the building the Technical Institute
  • 17-70aby - The Remsians and the Therali establish several key services in and around the Mission. Communications, Hangers, stores, parks, gardens, a Therali Temple, a Templar Temple.
  • 70-80aby - Farther expansion around the Mission begins. Within a decade a small compact city has formed around and under the Templar mission.
  • 80aby - The area is re-christened Aeterna the Therali word for Eternal. The city now contains a central technical and governmental institute, commercial and industrial facilities, residential facilities, water, power, defensive facilities, and a dedicated space port. The city becomes the most densely populated city on Anothelis and its governance is done with a joint Remsian-Therali council.