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The Dark Abyss
Production information

Mon Calamari Shipyards


DeepWater-class Light Freighter

Modified by

Darth Avarice

Technical specifications
Modified systems
  • Weapons
  • Hyperdrive
  • Ion Drives
  • Paint
  • "Security System"

45 Meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

1050 kp/h

Hyperdrive rating

Class 1.0

Navigation system


  • Dual Ion Cannon Turret (1)
  • Port/Starboard blaster cannons (2)
  • Missile Bays (2 port and starboard undersides)
    • 4 Proton Missiles (port)
    • 2 Missiles that deploy Insanitium Gas (starboard)
    • 2 "cluster missiles (starboard)




Cargo capacity

75 Metric Tons


4 months

Other systems
  • Capable of Operating as a Submarine
  • HyperComm Systems
  • Slicing Systems

Personal Starship


Darth Avarice

Known owner(s)

Darth Avarice


Darth Avarice

The Black Abyss Was the personal spaceship of the Sith Lord, Darth Avarice. It was a Modified Jet Black DeepWater-class Light Freighter. It featured a modified Hyperdrive and additional weapons systems. As was typical of Mon Calamari design philosophy, the Black Abyss had a sturdy hull, strong shields, and a backup shield generator. Being designed on a water world, it was also capable of operating as a submarine.

Avarice had 4 of the passenger rooms removed, one was refitted into a room with several computer systems, 2 droid brains Avarice reprogrammed to aid him in slicing, and a massive holographic display. The Second was a lab, where he worked on various things, such as a deployable canister that could deploy Thermal Detonators as mines or cluster bombs. The Third room was connected to his room and was what could only be described as a Gothic Throne Room. The fourth was the least pleasant room in the ship, it featured various forms of torture, and a fully equipped torture droid. This room always featured canisters of Insanitium Gas.

All the electronic equipment onboard was insulated from electric overload. This had two benefits, one Ion Cannons were less effective, and two, when the primary security function of the ship, an electrified floor, activated, no sensitive systems were fried. Other security functions included a rapid descending spike ceiling, and a pressure sealing door that would drop down then the 'infected' section exposed to vacuum. Other security systems were hidden about the ship. There was a biometric reader on the ramp of the door, if one didn't match accepted records, or didn't use it at all, these systems would activate. Avarice could also activate them all by remote. Including releasing Insanitium Gas throughout the whole ship.