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Sekotian Dragon
Sekotian Dragon


Planet of origin

Zonama Sekot

Height of average adult


  • 60cm (without tail)


  • 70cm (without tail)
Average wingspan


Skin color


  • High Intelligence
  • Force Sensitivity

The Sekotian Dragon was an offshoot of the Arkanian dragon species. Sometime in the past several Arkanian dragons where brought to Zonama Sekot and let free to roam. Over the years they reproduced and adapted to their new habitat. Due to Sekot's impressive force aura the Dragons eventually became Force Sensitive, enough so that they could form bonds with other Force Sensitive creatures, such as members of the Templars of Twilight.

Though far more intelligent than their ancestors the Sekotian Dragon wasn't able to speak, so it was still considered only Semi-Sentient. Though its Intelligence was well known to those they bonded to as they could talk via a Force Bond. One of the major differences between a Sekotian Dragon and its Arkanian cousin was the growth of two forward appendages, making them winged quadrupeds instead of winged bipeds. Despite this they, like their cousins, stood on their hind legs and learned to use their forelegs to manipulate objects like food.

This species was very popular among the Templars and they were quite frequently kept as pets, Vincent Mikaru was known to have a eccentric male one named Vlad.