Templar Datapad

The Remsian Datapad was the standard datapad of the Remsian Republic and forces within it. It featured an interactive colour touch screen, touch pad, high volume speakers, holodisplay, stylus and headphone inputs. It accepted most forms of Datacards and Datarods and could hold a large amount of Data. Vincent Mikaru had a collection of Datapads on various Remsian ships, such as the Templar-class Star Destroyer.


  • Read Mail
  • Take and View Photos
  • Access the Holonet
  • Take and View Video Playback
  • Audio Playback
    • Music Playback
  • Keep and view schedules
  • Access the Templar mainframe
  • Interact with AIs
    • Display an AI with holodisplays

Accessories & Hardware

  • Camera
    • Capable of Still and Video
  • HoloComm Transceiver
  • Holographic Emitter Display
  • Stylus
  • Speakers
  • Wireless connectors
  • Interactive Colour touch screen
  • Access ports for various Data holding devices