Ralem Jin-Qua
Biographical Information
Homeworld Kiffu
Date of Birth
Date of Death
Physical Description
Species Kiffar
Gender male
Height 6 feet
Hair color Black
Eye color Emerald
Personal information
Lightsaber color(s) Green
Fighting style(s) Jar'Kai
Chronological and political information
Position *Former Kage
Affiliation Templars of Twilight
Known masters
Known apprentices

Ralem Jin-Qua was an accomplished Templar who held the rank of Kage for one term. He was also the Tsuriai upon the Twilight Council for a time as well. He was an accomplished user of Jar'Kai as well as a gifted negotiator who was known for his calm demeanor.


Born to a human mother and Kiffar father on the planet of Kiffu. His parents were shunned for their inter-species relationship and fled to Bilbringi where his father became wealthy as an investor in the Bilbringi Shipyards. His father taught him the ways of hand-to-hand combat, primitive weaponry, the art of concealment. When he was 5 his father befriended a self-exiled Jedi Master named Travin Groshin. It was quickly discovered that Ralem was Force-sensative and began training immediately with the Jedi Master. It was during one of his many training sessions, at the age of 15, that his parents were ambushed and killed on their way to a local charity event that his father was holding for the struggling agricultural sector. His heart torn out, Ralem vowed revenge and despite his Jedi Master’s teaching, Ralem was never able to fully accept the passive views of the Jedi. Strong with the Force, and wealthy from his father’s empire, Ralem set out at the age of 25 in search of his way in the Force.