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The Lateral Energy Pulse Projector or LEPP was a Templar weapon that saw limited use on the Templar II-class Star Destroyer. The LEPP consisted of a lateral focusing array, that when active was aglow a bright white from the charged electromagnetic particles along its length. When the firing sequence began the electromagnetic particles would compress to a singular point, a very quick function taking less than a second on a fully charged lateral line. At this point an energy burst would be fired through the EM Particles with the EM Particles acting as a focusing lens causing the energy burst to elongate into a thin bright white beam.

Depending on the power pushed through the lateral array another shot could be fired at another point along the array in a matter of seconds, in the case of defensive fire. If used as an offensive weapon it paralleled the Class-II Ventral Neutron Cannon the Templar II's carried. The more powerful the burst of energy, the more powerful the energy pulse, and the less concentrated the electromagnetic particles became. Defensively a single charge could fire off 50-70 variable powered pulses, however, offensively, where more power was pushed through the line per shot 1-5 shots could be attained, depending solely on the power of the energy burst.