Kev-Mas Colcha's Holocron, was a holocron created by the late Grey Jedi Master, Kev-Mas Colcha. It was left at the Colcha Bunker on Lok, in a secret memorial for him. There it laid resting for nearly a century, until the next Kev-Mas Colcha was visited in a vision by the original, giving him guidance to the site, of which he was told to take everything that was there, including his Greatsaber and his two starships, the Crimson Phoenix and the Crimson Dagger.


I am Kev-Mas Colcha, Warrior of Twilight's Call.

In order to use the force to its fullest potential, you must not limit yourself to one side. You must also, vow to serve it for an eternity, even past your death.

The Force offers knowledge, power, wisdom, strength, you name it. All things are possible with the Force. However, you must use it correctly.

Using the Force to exterminate others who disagree with you is not a correct use. Neither is using it to gain power for selfish means. You are to serve the Force, not yourself through it. You will go through trials and tribulations from serving the Force, but not without reward.

The one goal of serving the force, is, to achieve balance. That is what the Force seeks, and thus it will be what you seek to help the force achieve. Go forth and achieve balance, and you will be rewarded.

However, in order to achieve balance, you first must be balanced yourself. This is no easy task, especially with the temptations the power of the Force will give you. But do not give up. For all things are possible, with the Force.

At the time of writing this, I, myself, felt my life coming to an end. I have forseen a future version of myself, and I am writing this holocron for the main purpose of guiding him to continue my legacy. My legacy, of seeking balance in the Force, and answering the call of Twilight.

To the next Kev-Mas Colcha, I ask that you heed this knowledge well, and use it to further achieve balance in the force. Times will always be hard. However, a Colcha, like you and I, will always be there to save the day.