Goliath Missile
Production information

Templar Technical Institute


Goliath-type Anti-Capital Ship Warhead


Starship Missile


5000 Credits

Technical specifications
  • Length: 12.8 meters
  • Width: 11.23 meters
  • Height: 7.54 meters
  • Weight: 20 tons

50,000 km (optimum), 150,000 km (maximum)


Legacy era


Templars of Twilight


Goliath Anti-Capital Missile

Normal Usage

The Goliath Missile, is a Missile developed by the Templar Technical Institute, that was so large and powerful, that when fired, it had the ability to completely destroy a single Starfighter if it managed to hit it. It also has auto-detonate features for firing into the middle of a Fighter Squadron and send the ships spiraling out of control, damaging them initially, and possibly causing them to collide with each other from the sheer force of the blast.

But, what it is known best for is its ability to severely damage enemy Capital Ships. It is most often used to disable a Capital Ship's engines (when not shielded) and Shield Generators (if the Shield generator is hit), leaving it vulnerable to weaker weapons fire. Though originally intended to be a ship mounted weapon, initial tests of the system proved it to be to large. As such, it was redesigned to be a ground defense weapon.

ADW Goliath

Atmospheric Deprivation Weapon was the name used for a weapon that ignited a portion or the whole of a planets atmosphere. The weapon was incredibly devastating, and could damage a planets ecosystem for generations. The Templars used this as a last resort weapon, and no more than two were ever kept at any one time, even during dire times of war.

A Goliath ADW could set fire to 500 kilometers of atmosphere burning everything in that area down to cinders. Anything above ground, and many things within several meters below the ground would be laid to waste due to the heat. The area surrounding the 500 kilometer radius would be devastated by the heat blast pushing out, and the air rushing in to feed the fire storm. If the planet was lush with woods, or grassland, the firestorm would likely spread outward, and could devastate the whole planet. The Templars stored the ADWs in a special orbital facility far enough from Anothelis and its moons under heavy lock and key. Should the missiles go off their, explosion would destroy only the facility.

Ground Emplacements

There is also a ground based version of the Goliath capable of striking ships in high orbit and beyond. This version is of different design and feature a high velocity ion engine to reach farther away than normal, but it also features a smaller warhead. This version had a max range of 150,000km, and each being powered by a single QuadFusion Reactor and propelled by a Astral Ion Drive it could reach its max range within minutes of firing.


Goliath Missile Ground Version


X-6b Launcher Goliath Ground Launcher