Eternal Twilight
Production information

Utapau Shipyards


Eternity-class Fast Attack Fighter

Modified by

Kev-Mas Colcha(Legacy-Era)

Technical specifications
Modified systems
  • Sensors
  • Hyperdrive

14.1 meters

Maximum speed (atmosphere)

Cloaking Device

  • 1 x Dual light Proton-Beam cannon
  • 2 x Dual Laser Cannons (nose mount)
  • 4 x Quad Missile Pods (8 missiles each)
  • Rear mounted Tri-Weapon mount
    • 2 x Pulse Cannons
    • 1 x Light Ion Cannon


Minimum crew




Cargo capacity

25 tonnes


4 months

Other systems


Present for battles/events

Battle of Utapau

Known owner(s)

Kev-Mas Colcha(Legacy-Era)


Kev-Mas Colcha(Legacy-Era)

The Eternal Twilight was a 14.1 meter long fighter type vessel designed by Kev-Mas Colcha and Vincent Mikaru around 128 ABY as Kev-Mas' personal starship. The Ship was designed with brutal high speed assaults in mind, much like Kev-Mas' personal fighting style.

The ship featured a system known as DRAGOON (Disconnected Rapid Armament Group Overlook Operation Network), which utilized 4 small Drone Fighters attached to its rear, to supplement its weaponry and propulsion systems with their own. Not only that, but they could detach so the Eternal Twilight could outmaneuver opponents. Also, another part of the DRAGOON system, was the AEON (Attached Extra Ordinance Node) system, which enabled the 4 Drone Fighters to come back to the host ship and refuel when detached, or attach to the host ship and have a payload that was 10 times as much when they are detached.

The ship also featured a Stygium Cloaking Device, and a highly efficient holocomm unit for communicating with the order Kev-Mas belonged to.


When the Kev-Mas was scheming independence from the Sith sometime around or before 128 ABY, the Twilight Templar, then Twilight Jedi needed a ship capable of escaping Sith Blockades that he might encounter afterward, while doing considerable damage. He looked to his fellow Twilight Jedi, and good friend by the name of Vincent Mikaru, to help him design that ship, and to the Utapaun Shipyards that the Twilight Order was aligned with to build it.

Their design featured a sleek, streamlined ship with what looked at first to be 4 extremely large thrusters on the rear, coming out in an X-like fashion. However, these thrusters were not thrusters, but rather additional vessels, controlled via Droid Brain, attached to the vessel and capable of detaching to swarm enemies.

Weapons Systems

The Eternal Twilight featured an unusual array of weapons to match its design. It featured 1 Dual Barreled Light Proton-Beam cannons, similar to those on the Galactic Empire's Lancet Aerial Artillery System. These weapons gave the ship an unusual offensive punch against larger, slower ships.

The ship also featured a rear mounted tri-weapon mount, with 2 Pulse Cannons and 1 Light Ion Cannon.

The Ship's two primary weapons were its 2 Dual Laser Cannons, mounted on its nose.

The Eternal Twilight also featured 4 Quad Missile Pods with 8 missiles each, and the additional weaponry from the Fighters.


The Eternal Twilight had a state of the art cockpit. This cockpit featured:

  • Two hand control yokes for main piloting control.
  • Two foot pedals for controlling all engine pods output independently as well as the ventral and maneuvering thrusters.
  • Four foot pedals to activate each individual starfighter booster when able to.
  • A keypad to manually input commands and alter computer coding in real time, as well as text based inship/infleet communication under secure channels.
  • 5 Displays for multiple operations performed simultaneously.
  • Targeting computer for firing the Missiles inboard.