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Drone Weapon
Production information



TT-D-VL-9 Drone Weapon


Advanced Concussion Missile


22,000 credits

Technical specifications

2.2meters (normal)



  • Farther for higher end models.

the TTI Drone Weapon was an advancement on Concussion Missiles. Controlled by an advanced targeting A.I. and multiple micro ion maneuvering jets. When Fired a light Energy shield forms around the drone allowing it to take light damage and penetrate through hulls before Detonating. It uses the same Warhead as a ST2 concussion Missile. Some larger models were equipped with hyperdrive thrusters for long range fire and even had laser cannons for defense. These models were however extremely expensive and were never standard equipment. Only the city of Aeterna had a stockpile and it was under 50 in number. The original idea was to be able to fire a small fleet of unmanned automated weapons with defenses abilities at a target but calculations put the ability well beyond Templar funds. Unlike the Empire who could build the Galaxy Gun and two or more Death Stars they were only self sufficient and lacked the massive funding.