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Arlic Haelstrom
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Biographical Information
Homeworld Onderon
Date of Birth 96 ABY
Date of Death
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.76
Hair color Brown
Eye color Green
Personal information
Lightsaber color(s) Deep Orange, Viridian
Fighting style(s) Form II, III and V
Chronological and political information
Position Silver Master
Affiliation The Templars of Twilight, Shadow Jedi
Known masters None.
Known apprentices User: JacenSolo7(MIA)

Arlic Haelstrom was a mysterious but welcomed addition to the Twilight Templars between the years 128ABY and 133ABY.

Early Life

Arlic was born on the planet Onderon 96 years after the Battle of Yavin.